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  1. Activity Library 

    1. Collaborating on comics
    2. Creating your own activity
    3. Reviewing student comics and providing feedback
    4. Sharing your activity with other teachers
    5. Using the Activity Library and assigning an activity to your students
  2. Archiving and Deleting Classrooms 

    1. Archived classrooms: How do students save their work?
    2. Archiving a classroom - Teacher instructions
    3. Unarchiving an archived classroom
    4. Archiving classrooms: FAQs
    5. Deleting a classroom
  3. Classroom Management 

    1. Adding a second classroom
    2. Changing your class name, class code and grade setting
    3. Changing your classroom permissions
    4. Adding a second teacher to a classroom
    5. Classroom Language options
  4. Getting Started 

    1. Adding and deleting student accounts
    2. Creating your first classroom
    3. Logging your students in for the first time
    4. Teachers' Getting Started Guide
  5. Making Comics and Characters 

    1. Deleting a character
    2. Deleting or resetting a student's avatar
    3. Designing your avatar
    4. Finding the Wheelchair
    5. Finding and adding a hijab
  6. Passwords and Account Admin 

    1. Resetting your password
    2. Cancelling your subscription
    3. Changing your email address
    4. Changing a student's password
    5. Finding a student's password
  7. Printing and Embedding Comics 

    1. Blog/image embed tags
    2. Printing a comic
    3. Downloading a comic
    4. Printing an Avatar or Character
  8. Sharing Comics 

    1. Sharing comics on your class gallery
    2. Sharing your class gallery with parents and other teachers
  9. Student Help 

    1. Logging into your student account for the first time
    2. Sharing comics with your classmates
    3. Starting, completing and submitting an activity to your teacher
    4. Students' Getting Started Guide
  10. Technical Support 

    1. Changing your Cache Settings in Internet Explorer
    2. Minimum System Requirements
    3. Troubleshooting: Flash Player
  11. All articles 

    1. Sharing comics on your class gallery
    2. Adding a second classroom
    3. Adding and deleting student accounts
    4. Archived classrooms: How do students save their work?
    5. Blog/image embed tags

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